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          2020 年中考英語完形填空、閱讀理解試題及答案 1 back back alone outside surprise sad because he care good see Once upon a time there was a little boy who was very ill. He had to lie in bed, unable to move. No one played with him, and he spent his days alone. There wasn’t much he could do. The lonely boy looked out of the window all day. Time passed, and he was sad. One day he saw a strange shape out of the window. It was a dog eating a big cake. The dog said, “good afternoon” to the boy. Then it left. Of course, the boy was very surprised. All of a sudden, he saw a monkey in a coat outside his window. It was playing with a toy car. Then more and more funny-looking toys appeared. The boy looked carefully and began to laugh. The little boy didn’t tell anyone about this because he thought no one would believe him. Those strange visitors made him happy. Soon, he got well and was able to go back to school again. He decided to tell his best friend about all the things he had seen. While he was talking, he saw something sticking out of his friend’s school bag. The boy asked his friend what it was, and his friend showed him the things in the bag. There, inside, were all the things he had seen outside the window! His best friend used them to cheer him up! 1. alone 2. sad 3. good 4. surprised 5. carefully 6. because 7. back 8. saw him 10. outside I am 72 years old. Elbert and I first 1 on March 20, 2008. I loved him when I saw him for the first time. Over the 2 three weeks, I found we had a lot in common, particularly food, sleeping, and walking. The first time I 3 we were going to be friends forever was when I sang to him and he 4 asleep with his chin on my knee. My wife Carol and I live in an eighth floor apartment in Los Angeles. Soon Elbert 5 to guide me to the market, drugstore, and restaurants. He usually sits quietly beside me. Without him at my side, I would find 6 difficult for me to do anything. He is very clever and he has done so much more for me 7 guiding me through






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