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          2020-2021學年河北省石家莊市高邑縣北營中學高一英語聯考試卷含解析 一、 選擇題 1. Due to his tight?????????? , he didn’t have any time to visit his parents last Christmas. This Christmas, he decided to call off all the appointments to accompany his parents. A. status??? B. schedule C. questionnaire??? D. quality 參考答案: B 考查名詞詞義辨析。A. status地位;B. schedule時間表;C. questionnaire問卷;D. quality質量。根據后句he didn’t have any time to visit his parents last Christmas.可知,他的日程安排很緊。句意:由于他的日程安排很緊,去年圣誕節他沒有時間去看望他的父母。今年圣誕節他決定取消所有的約會去陪他的父母。故選B。 2. It was in the Park????????? they made a date for the first time????????? the old couple told us their love story. A.where; that B.that; that C.where; when D.that; when 參考答案: A 3. ???????? about the student, the teacher called his parents to find out why he was so often absent from class. A. Concerning??? B. Concern C. Concerned??? D. To concern 參考答案: C 考查非謂語動詞。be concerned about的意思是“擔心……”。從句的主語和主句的主語一致,所以從句省略了主語和系動詞be。句意為:因為擔心這個學生,老師打電話給他的家長想查明他經常逃課的原因。 答案: C 4. ??? ---We have reached the stage _________ we have to give up the experiment. ---I’m sorry to hear that. A. when???????? B. why?????????? C. where????????????? D. which 參考答案: C 5. --- Do you need any help, Lucy? ?--- Yes. The job is _______ I could do myself. A. less than??????????????? B. more than???????????? C. no more than???????????????? D. not more than 參考答案: B 6. He put on a smile and said it didn’t matter,________,in fact,he cared too much about what she said. ?? A.who? ???????????????????? B.where? ????????? ?????? C.which? ????????? ?????? D.while 參考答案: D 7. ______ a sports meet last Sunday?? Yes, they ______. A. Did they have; did???????????????? ??????? B. Did they have; had?? C. Had they; had?? ? ???????????????????????? D. Had they; did 參考答案: A 8. I was searching for ________information on ________ Internet when suddenly the power was off. A. an; an?????? B. an; the????? C. /; the??????? D. /; / 參考答案: C 9. ---Have you bought ____________ for Linda’s birthday? ?---- Not exactly. Just some flowers. ?A. somethin






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