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          2020-2021學年安徽省宿州市劉村中學高一英語聯考試卷含解析 一、 選擇題 1. ---Tom. answer my question. ---Oh, sorry, ______. I beg your pardon? A. I didn’t get that??? B. Say it again?? C. Don’t mention it?? D. That’s all right 參考答案: A 2. The local people are now________ Hong Kong, which was once ________the British for one and half a century. A. in charge of;???? in charge of?????? B. in the charge of;? in the charge of C. in the charge of;? in charge of?????? D. in charge of;???? in the charge of 參考答案: D 3. Ten years ago today the US Center for Disease Control published the first warnings of a ________ disease, which was said to have an effect on most common people. ? A. rotating B. amateur C. worldwide ? D. intelligent 參考答案: C 試題分析:考查形容詞辨析。形容詞rotating輪流的;amateur業余的;worldwide世界范圍的;intelligent勤奮的;句意:十年前的今天,美國疾病控制中心發布了一個全球范圍的疾病警告,這個疾病據說對普通人影響。ABD三項與上下文含義不搭配。故C正確。 4. We have _______ head notepaper. A.run out???? B. been used up???? C. run out of???? D.been used up 參考答案: C 5. 參考答案: B 略 6. —Shall we go to the Art exhibition tomorrow or…?. —________ . Any time will do. A. I’m sure??? B. That’s settled?????? C. It’s up to you???? D. It’s your opinion 參考答案: C 7. He said that he had visited his teachers in the junior middle school ______. ? A. two weeks before?????????????? B. last week C. a week ago??????????????????? D. before two weeks 參考答案: A 8. A new stadium ________ next year,for an international tennis game will be held in this city. A.will be built??? B.has been built??? C.will build? D.has built 參考答案: A 9. She wears so red clothes?that?I?easily?________?her in the crowd. A.pick?out???? ? B.turn?out????? C.call?out????? D.bring?out 參考答案: A 10. We are trying every possible means to ____ the people who are trapped in the ruins caused by this terrible earthquake. A. recover??????? B. vote????????? C. rescue?????????? D. guide 參考答案: C 11. I ??? to be out when you called me this morning. A. seemed??? B. appeared???? C. happened???? D. thought 參考答案: C 12. As Jack left his membership






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