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          應用文寫作:節假日生活 教案--2022屆高考英語寫作備考.docx

          應用文寫作:節假日生活 教案--2022屆高考英語寫作備考.docx

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          4. 文檔侵權舉報電話:18428362892(電話支持時間:9:00-19:00)。
          應用文寫作:節假日生活 教案 文體概述 節假日活動涉及春節、元旦、國慶節、植樹節、教師節、重陽節、圣誕節、復活節、母親節等多個中西方節假日的起源、發展、慶祝方式和假日活動安排,生日、周年紀念日、畢業典禮等多種慶?;顒?,寒暑假活動、社會實踐活動、青少年志愿者活動的安排,以及參加這些活動的經歷和感受等。以下內容為高考的出題方向: 1.直接描述某一個中西方節日的活動安排; 2.如何有意義地度過節假日; 3.節假日去某地度假,回來后寫信表示感謝,以回憶的形式體現假日活動; 4.以圖片的形式體現節日的盛況,要求考生進行描述; 5.某個節日或寒暑假要來了,準備舉行一個活動,以通知的形式告知大家活動安排; 6.對節日的慶?;顒拥膽B度,如現在中國很多地方流行過“洋”節,你對此有何看法? 寫作模板 模板范文 The Mid?Autumn Festival falls on the 15th of the eighth month of our Chinese lunar calendar. As one of the traditional Chinese festivals, it has been enjoying great popularity. Usually, no matter how far away or how busy we are, we will try to return home for the celebration. The moon that night looks the brightest in the whole lunar month. What we love most is the time we enjoy the full moon together. With the beautiful moon up in the sky, we sit together and eat moon cakes and fruits, sharing our stories. In addition to these traditional activities, we have a wider range of choices such as travelling and visiting our relatives or friends. 經典句型 National Day is coming.國慶節快到了。 National Day falls on Tuesday this year.今年國慶節是在星期二。 We celebrated New Year’s Day with a dance party.我們舉行舞會來慶祝元旦。 Mother’s Day is a celebration in honor of all mothers.母親節是一個向所有母親表達敬意的節日。 Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy New Year!圣誕快樂,并祝您新年快樂! Wish you happiness and prosperity in the coming year!祝你新的一年幸福成功! Wish you success in your career and happiness of your family!祝你事業成功,家庭美滿! To welcome the coming Spring Festival, people spend days cleaning the houses, preparing different kinds of foods, buying new clothes, especially for children.為了迎接即將到來的春節,人們會花幾天打掃房間,準備各種食物,買新衣服,尤其是給孩子們。 The Spring Festival is coming/drawing near/approaching. It is an important festival for Chinese, when all the family members get together.春節即將到來,對中國人而言,這是全家團圓的重要節日。 Nowadays Chinese begin to follow some Western festivals such as Christmas.現在,中國人開始過起了一些西方節日,如圣誕節。 Thanksgiving Day is the most truly American of the national holidays in the United States.感恩節是美國國定假日中最地道的美






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