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          PAGE PAGE 1 1390國開《人文英語4》期末紙質考試(第三大題閱讀選擇題)題庫(排序版) 說明:更新至2021年7月試題,根據試題首字母音序查找試題及答案。 [短文]ALTERNATIVE LEGAL BILLING ―WIN STRATEGIES[內部資料] Hourly billing is the best way to be charged for legal services.About 95 percent of lawyers still perform their legal work on an hourly basis.If you want something better than the old bill by the hour deal,try presenting one of these billing structures. PROJECT BILLING FOR ROUTINE ISSUES If your legal needs include large but repetitive tasks,consider a flat-fee approach.Once you get a project billing estimate,don't hesitate to shop around to compare prices and services with other law firms.A firm may provide a better deal if it expects future work from your company. RESULTS-ORIENTED OPTIONS Pay-according-to-success is one choice.It considers fees based on the outcome of the case and the performance of your counsel.Contingency fees turn the matter into a shared risk or shared encouragement,making the law firm your business partner,not just representation. MULTI-LAYERED TASKS If you're shopping for a firm for actual legal work involving a number of legal specialties,consider using blended hourly fees.The firm calculates in advance an average rate based on the anticipated time each lawyer spends on the matter. This arrangement helps the client to avoid paying a senior partner's hourly rate for research that should be conducted by a junior associate. Legal Insurance The contract fee allows the client to pick up the phone and talk to the lawyer without needing to eye the clock.This approach works like a legal insurance policy.It encourages companies to contact their counsel on non-litigation,non-crisis matters,and to save money in the long run by engaging in more preventive legal action. 1._______is the best way to be charged for legal services. [答案]B.Hourly billing 2.A flat-fee approach_______. [答案]A.is suitable for repetitive tasks 3._______make the law firm share your risk and encouragement. [答案]C.Contingency fees 4.Legal work invo






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